Application Software

tiME@man time attendance system is comprehensive and affordable alternative solutions for business manager who wants to replace the manual process into automate time and attendance solution. With time attendance system, it significantly reduces the error rate of manual timecards calculation. The unproductive and unauthorized activities are prevented and controlled in your hands.


The remarkable tiME@man time Attendance system has been developed more emphasize on security, scheduling and dynamic update capabilities. It provides robust performance, centralized control and virtually unlimited scalability. With a premium optional, we are able to customize multilevel security to protect your systems.


In addition, the organization┬┤s pay policies and rules are applicable to our tiME@man system to ensure its legal compliance and improve the accuracy of payroll. This includes overtime, accruals, shift differentials, holidays, and incentives.


Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited Employee Records and Creation.
  • Unlimited Shift Schedule Creation.
  • Collect data from card based or biometrics time attendance terminals.
  • Generates attendance, absentism, lateness, early out, OT & conditional Allowances & Deductions.
  • Fixed Breaks & Non-fixed Breaks management.
  • Automate Payroll applying rules and policies.
  • Menu driven and color coded screens.
  • Flexible reports by selective dates or pay period.
  • Flexible reports sorting by department, job, step and operation.
  • Flexible scheduling with preset features.
  • Auto punching corrections.
  • 24X7 data tracking.
  • Control unauthorized overtime.
  • Overtime Approval forms feature.
  • Integrates with payroll and human resource system.
  • Able to interface with third party payroll system.
  • Leave tracking management feature.
  • Integrates with mySQL Database.
  • Exporting data to .csv, .txt & MS Excel.