Application Software

hR@man is a Human Resource Management system that allows the HR personnel to create and manage employee's information completely. This comprehensive management system handles all aspects of human resource function with government compliance and link to payroll & time management system for updating the employee database automatically.


hR@man is tailored to your organization needs no matter small company or large enterprise. Extensive information can be tracked such as salary history, training skills, benefits, performance appraisals, emergency contacts, attendances and much more.


It also helps management to monitor employee's personal and professional development with training development and scheduling, skills and competency management, and career development modules.


With hR@man, it reduces the potential for employee grievances by assuring equality across your employees. All employee information can be summarized with this easy to implement and outstanding management system.



  1. Service/ Career Development
  2. Keep tracking employee's career progression records with the company.

  3. Qualification
  4. Recording employee's qualification or education details.

  5. Employee Experience/ Career History
  6. Recording employee's historical job experiences.

  7. Property Records
  8. Recording employee's property details.

  9. Children Records
  10. Keep tracking employee's children records.

  11. Employee Health Records
  12. Monitoring employee's health checkup records.

  13. Employee Loan Schedule Records
  14. Recording employee loan schedule and repayment details.

  15. Employee Achievement
  16. Record employee special achievements or awards.

  17. Accident Records
  18. Recording accident records and its claim details.

  19. Discipline Records
  20. Keep tracking employee discipline warnings and behavior progression.

  21. Training Records
  22. Recording Training attended and other details such as result, claims and courses attended.

  23. Medical Claim Management
  24. Managing employee medical claim with entitlement and balance records. Support with medical fee receipt entries.

  25. Employee Photo
  26. Store employee's photograph.