Application Software

@VMS is a solution that tailored for convenience of Visitor Management by using MyKad. MyKad is compulsory for all Malaysian to carry because it is your citizen identification. Therefore, the information is accurate and no cheating is allowed.


Smarter & Speed Up Visitor Registration Process

With the integration with Smart Card Reader Keyboard, the check-in process for visitor becomes easier and faster. Information will be read and store into @VMS immediately once MyKad slot into the reader.


Enhance Security over Visitor attendance

With @VMS you can monitor different categories of visitors such as vendor, contractor, authorized visitor and unauthorized visitor. @VMS allows management to blacklist visitor due to their irresponsible visit and prompting an alert as blacklisted visitor during future registration.


Friendly User and Easy to use

It is specially designed to accommodate an operator that with almost no experience to manage visitor management efficently.

Features and Benefits

  • Captures information directly from MyKad.
  • Capability to key information immediately through MyKad Reader keyboard for visitor without MyKad.
  • Retrieving data accurately and fast while reducing human errors.
  • Create identification and different type of badges for different type of visitors.
  • Use "look-out/watch" list to alert reception of VIPs and unwanted visitors.
  • Maintain visitor's details for quick recall at their next visit.
  • Keep a log of all visitors e.g.: identify, time and date of arrival and departure.
  • Tracking visitor's status for entering and exiting facilities.
  • Managing visitor appointments with valid employee's approval only.
  • Prevent theft and danger to your property & employees.
  • System alert for visitors over-stay for their appointment time.
  • Automatically send email notifications to respective staff when their visitors arrive (with appointment).
  • Digital sign-out for employees to inform security that visitor had attended their appointment.
  • Comprehensive report-generation system for fast and detail reporting.
  • Enhance professional company image & faster visitor registration time.
  • Better management for building and security control as visitor's activities are monitored.
  • Easy to use and do not need comprehensive training to operate.