Compact Resources is a leading solution provider in Business Management Solutions via I.T. technologies available today. We have been providing software solutions for Human Resource Management, Time Management, Payroll Management and as well as hardware solutions like CCTV, Time Attendance Devices and more. Such solutions already help most of our clients to manage their business and employees effectively with high user satisfaction.


Compact Resources end users range from different industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, retailing and more. Each solution was carefully analyzed, planned and implemented with our team's full involvement to make sure the achievement of user satisfaction. We even work further for solution integration where making possible for user to maintain the existing system and link with the new solution we are providing. Experiences explained all of our consistency to always deliver a better solution to our clients.


Our mission is to achieve your satisfaction towards our implementation and support services.



  • HRMS Implementation
  • Time Attendance Device Upgrades
  • Security Surveillance Implementation
  • Custom Computer Form Design and Printing
  • Software Licenses Upgrades
  • Computer Repair and Upgrades
  • ID Card Design and Printing