Application Software

Compact Resources offers a wide range of Application Software solutions to all business managers to reduce management workload by making use of latest technology available today.

We provide solution for Human Resource Management, Time Management, Payroll Management, Web Leave Management, Visitor Management and many more. With our friendly-user and ready to use system, you will be capable to make your management works simple.

Time Management System - tiME@man

tiME@man time attendance system is comprehensive and affordable alternative solutions for business manager who wants to replace the manual process into automate time and attendance solution. With time attendance system, it significantly reduces the error rate of manual timecard calculations. The unproductive and unauthorized activities are prevented and controlled in your hands.


Payroll Management System - pAY@man

pAY@man is an industry-leading solution for today´s challenging payroll management. This powerful and flexible system can increase workforce satisfaction and morale by helping your employees to make better decision regarding their earnings. The collaborative pAY@man system has been proven to be adequately versatile to fit any organization´s structure, even from small business to large enterprise.


Human Resource Management System - hR@man

hR@man is a Human Resource Management system that allows the HR personnel to create and manage employee´s information completely. This comprehensive management system handles all aspects of human resource function with government compliance and link to payroll & time management system for updating the employee database automatically.


Visitor Management System - VMS

VMS is a solution that tailored for convenience of Visitor Management by using MyKad. MyKad is compulsory for all Malaysian to carry because it is our citizen identification. Therefore, the information is accurate and eliminate unauthorize personnel.