Application Device

Employee attendance is very important to all business managers especially to make sure punctuality of employees to fulfill perfect workforce to achieve the best quality of works. Invenxis is providing all types of Time Attendance Reader that using Geometry Hand, Fingerprint or card based identification technology as time capturing device.

All Time Readers are ready with flexible output format for your choice to link with almost all types of Time Management Software available today. With such capability of integration, you may save your cost by changing new Time Device and maintaining your current system.

Hand Geometry Time Reader

Biometric's Geometric Hand Readers simultaneously analyze more than 31,000 points and instantaneously records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual's hand-including length, width, thickness and surface area-to verify that the person using the device is really who he or she claims to be.


Finger Scan Time Reader

Among all the biometric techniques, fingerprint-based identification is the oldest method which has been successfully used in numerous applications. Now, it was widely used as identification for Time attendance and Access Control system. The reason is mainly because the identification is unique and eliminates all buddy-punching issues that help most Business Manager to resolved extra payment due to incorrect attendance record.


Card Based Time Reader

Proximity Card Readers are well proven system that suitable to be used either for Time Attendance or Door Access Control purposes. It was cost effective and suitable for all business environments such as office, factory, etc... Furthermore by adding ID Printing with Proximity Card, it creates a better image for the company and better identification by different levels of employees.